The Associate Pastor of Children and Youth Ministry is called by the congregation and is accountable to the membership through the Support & Accountability Committee. This position will begin as soon as a successful candidate is found and could be anywhere between .5 FTE and 1.0 FTE depending on the candidate’s availability and specific skills. We are looking for an energetic and outgoing person able to cultivate relationships with SMC’s children and youth as well as their parents and families. Central to this position is ensuring that all programs reflect SMC’s mission statement: Steinbach Mennonite Church is striving to faithfully follow Christ in worship and service by making disciples, building community and reaching out to the world.

The following job description is intended to give an overview of what we are looking for but as the gifts and skills of each individual differs, we expect to review and update the following to compliment the individual filling the position.


  • Continue nurturing and growing your personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • Provide spiritual oversight and education for children and youth in a prophetic, compassionate way based on Anabaptist Biblical theology.
  • Ensure that programs and worship services are inclusive for children and youth.
  • Maintain and log a regular but flexible work schedule.
  • Carry out administrative tasks as required
  • Collaborate with all staff and volunteers in a cooperative way to achieve the goals of the church.
  • Encourage a creative, healthy atmosphere.
  • Engage all age groups.
  • Affirm SMC volunteers.
  • Creatively plan for the future including the hope of an increasingly balanced demographic.
  • Promote an inviting environment to welcome newcomers.
  • Fulfil other duties as determined/assigned by the Church Board.


  • Serve as the Children’s and Youth Ministries Coordinator on the Education & Ministries Committee and provide oversight for programs at the start of each church year.
  • Offer ongoing pastoral care to SMC’s children, youth and their families, which would include making connections with them and others in the community.
  • Serve as part of the Faith & Life Committee.
  • Preach and lead worship occasionally during Sunday morning services. (The schedule and themes are set in collaboration with the Lead Pastor.)
  • Help plan and lead communion services with pastoral staff.
  • Attend all congregational meetings, and other meetings as required.
  • Collaborate with ministry groups where appropriate, e.g., worship and song leaders, small groups, SAMA, MCM cluster meetings etc.
  • Coordinate vacation times with the Lead Pastor.

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