Sermon: “Agreement, Unity and Building Projects”

Speaker: Lee Hiebert

Theme: Agreement and Acceptance in the Church

“Unity of mind can seem elusive and even impossible in the vast sea of opinions and ideas that swirl around us. When we do agree with one another it feels great but agreement is often fleeting and something that we try to secure in one way or another. When we try to maintain our unity we fail to see that it is God who brings us together and that oneness is a gift to be given and received.”
Scripture Reading: Genesis 11:1-9 & Philippians 2:1-5
January 20, 2019

Sermon: “Into the Wilderness”

Speaker: Daryl Climenhaga

Theme: Identity

“When we wander in wilderness and loss (of identity) God names us and brings us to a new land, where we are named and valued.”
Scripture Reading: Luke 4:1-13
March 10, 2019

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