Steinbach Mennonite Church

Who We Are

As Anabaptists, we understand worship and work to be one. Services at SMC seek to do the work of worship, prayer, meditation, discernment, witness and service. As the gathered community, our goal is to seek the will of God together and encourage one another to higher levels of discipleship in our journeys through life.

SMC Values

  1. SMC is a congregation rooted in the Anabaptist Mennonite tradition of holding Scripture and community discernment as foundational to our identity.
  2. Belonging (relationships, connections, feeling like a family) matters to us because we are a community that loves to celebrate and share God’s love with each other.
  3. We have a strong desire to stay together and we are learning to recognize God’s unique gifts in one another as we nurture a willingness to change.
  4. Our building no longer defines us for God has shown our congregation that worship can and does happen anywhere.
  5. We value meaningful worship that is familiar as well as new because it grounds us in God’s continued faithfulness.
  6. Connections beyond our congregation remain important as we long to demonstrate God’s love.